Commuter Commission

Not everyone lives on or near campus, and if you don't, this commission is for you! The Commuter Commission is dedicated to running commuter-friendly events and advocating for commuter students. These include our monthly "Noontimes" events. The Commission is co-chaired and overseen by the Commuter Commissioners, who can be reached at



Every so often, we hold pop-up events in the EJB lobby. Whether it be free hot chocolate or grilled cheese, these events are here to brighten up everyone's day.

Equity & Accessibility Commission

This commission is dedicated to ensuring that the Faculty of Music is as equitable and accessible as possible to all students by ameliorating the status of women and minorities at the Faculty. Projects and campaigns focus on: the accessibility of space, barriers to participation, racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination affecting the membership at and outside of the Faculty. The Commission is chaired and overseen by the Equity & Accessibliity Commissioner who can be reached at

Health and Wellness Commission

This commission is all about promoting and enabling physical and mental health and wellness through various services and intramural sports teams! The Commission is co-chaired and overseen by the Sports Commissioners who can be reached at

Student Life Commission

This commission is our largest, running tons of social events throughout the year. This includes our annual Semi-Formal, Benefit Concert, and over 20 pub nights each year! The Commission is co-chaired and overseen by the Social Commissioners who can be reached at 


Annual Benefit Concert

Every year, the FMUA hosts a benefit concert to raise money for a charity. In our 2017/18 year, our charity of choice was the Canadian Cancer Society through SNATS. The event was held at 7:30pm on January 19th, 2018 in Walter Hall.



The FMUA annually hosts a Semi-Formal event. These are heavily subsidized, ticketed events with live bands, DJs, delicious food and a cash bar. This year's Semi-Formal will take place on Friday March 3rd, 2018. 



From time to time, we coordinate outings to a variety of concerts, amusement parks, group events, and/or other recreational places. Things that have been planned in the past include: trips to conferences like OMEA, Skating, the Toronto Zoo, the Aquarium and Canada's Wonderland.